Experience Shakespeare in a way that will excite, engage and inspire. Enter a world filled with love, friendship, loyalty and the bitter sting of betrayal. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, only to have tragic consequences with romance turning to tragedy as feuding families destroy all hopes of a happily ever after. A story of love and conflict which erupts into bloodshed where rivals can’t let sleeping dogs lie. This ongoing dispute serves as the catalyst which sees two star-crossed lovers collide and fall fast in love, risking everything to be together, only to take their own lives in a tragic twist of fate. Roscommon County Youth Theatre brings one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays to life in this contemporary, fast-paced and insightful abridged retelling. Don’t miss it!

School Shows

Roscommon Arts Centre

  • Thursday April 27th @ 11am
  • Friday April 28th @ 11am

Tickets €12

Teachers complimentary / Ticket includes resource pack for schools

Evening shows

Roscommon Arts Centre

  • Friday April 28th @ 8pm
  • Saturday April 29th @ 8pm

Tickets €14/€12