RCYT could be the place for you!

RCYT is a professional youth theatre organisation designed to provide opportunities for young people who have a passion for acting and performance. While many members aspire to have careers in the performance industry, many become involved simply for the social aspect of joining such a dynamic and fun-filled group.

RCYT aims to combine the abilities of many different young people in an environment where they can learn and develop their skills in a non-judgemental atmosphere. No previous experience is necessary, the only requirement is that members have an open mind and are willing to have fun while meeting new people.

Encouraging Development.

RCYT is a supportive youth network with a focus on expanding the minds of young people while constantly aiming to build confidence and interpersonal skills. Whether or not you have performed before, RCYT could be the place for you!

As a youth theatre, we advocate a way of working which puts the integrity of the young people at the centre of a process valuing both exploration and artistic excellence. Youth theatre encourages the development of the whole person and uses a range of drama methods to respond to the personal needs of the participants involved, contributing towards the development of the creative, physical, social and intuitive intelligence in all participants.