Senior Enrolment Form for 13+ yrs

By completing this form, I agree to have read the contract, understand, observe and be bound by these rules and to have completed this form to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Does the member have any medical issues/allergies that RCYT should be aware of? This information is treated in the strictest confidence. If yes, please give details. *
I allow RCYT to take photographs/video of my son/daughter/ward as a record. *
I allow the organisers of RCYT to use photographs of my son/daughter/ward in press coverage of events associated with RCYT and to promote RCYT activities. *

Contract of Membership

Roscommon County Youth Theatre is dedicated to the development and promotion of youth theatre through training, production and access, and encourages a greater understanding of the potential of drama as a medium for learning and as a means of expression for young people. The methods and code of practice of RCYT are based on the concepts of opportunity, empowerment, access and artistic excellence. Members are provided with a programme of the highest quality which as well as being of immense benefit in terms of personal development are also a basis for any young person to pursue a career in theatre, film or any of the performing arts. Participation in RCYT activities is a special opportunity, and each person involved is entitled to a positive experience. As part of this philosophy, all members are required to adhere to the standards listed in the contract.