How to write TV good with Chris O’Dowd

Autumn/Winter 2021 / RCYT

How to right TV good! will take place online over the summer with Chris O’ Dowd and Catherine Sheridan.

How to right TV good! will look at the process of storytelling and will address how to plot a good story for television. Over the duration of the project, members of Roscommon County Youth Theatre will write a 10-page story consisting of the main plot (The A-Story) and a subplot (The B-story).

Stories can be funny, tragic, loud, quiet, whatever the writer wants to talk about. The story will be broken down into a series of beats. These story beats will grow over the weeks with participation until an entire plot is completed.

The hope would be to use this 10-page story and improvise the dialogue through rehearsal on stage. All being well, we will end up with a 20-page script, which translates as a 20-minute story ready to be filmed.

Chris O’Dowd is an Actor & Writer from Boyle. He worked on The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids, Of Mice and Men, Get Shorty and Moone Boy, for which he won an Emmy. He calls her Emily. It drives her mad.

How to write TV good with Chris O’Dowd