This brand-new play is devised by the cast of Roscommon County Youth Theatre written by Catherine Sheridan to mark our 25th Anniversary.

Sometimes due to fear of harassment, we are desensitized.
Standing up and saying what we think is frightening.
Sometimes showing how we really feel is petrifyingly numbing.
Some things we can’t change but some things we can…
The things we don’t say are often more meaningful than the things we do.
But sometimes we need to find our own power.
Sometimes you find courage in places you never thought possible.
Sometimes you need to make a stand.
We are stronger if we choose to open our mouths.

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Roscommon Arts Centre

  • Thursday April 25th @ 11am
  • Friday April 26th @ 11am

Tickets €12 (Teachers complimentary)

Evening shows

Roscommon Arts Centre

  • Friday April 26th @ 8pm
  • Saturday April 27th @ 8pm

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