Ignite the Spark

Summer 2021 / RCYT

Ignite the Spark – an intergenerational project connecting residents of the Sacred Heart Hospital and Care Home & members of Roscommon County Youth Theatre created by creative theatre and education arts practitioner.

Ignite the Spark is a creative project that celebrates and connects young and old through chats, stories, memories, laughter and lots more. In this project members of Roscommon County Youth Theatre will be engaging with members of the Sacred Heart Hospital and Care Home, Roscommon, assisted by Care Home Assistants. Under the mentorship of Catherine Sheridan and fellow artist Julie Sharkey, Bright Sparks and Dazzling Sparks unify in a series of weekly get together’s where pictures, songs, dreams, desires and lots more are all unlocked.

Ignite the Spark - Roscommon County Youth Theatre

Different generations may have different values, beliefs and opinions however it is important to recognise that each of these values, beliefs and opinions have a place and should be accommodated. Using a gentle, sensitive approach this facilitated programme will address preconceptions and stereotypical representations of the different generations.

Ignite the Spark will support the building of meaningful relationships, whilst acknowledging the differences between one generation and another.

Each session is carefully designed and delivered to create meaningful experiences for participants throughout.

Throughout the project, we will be documenting the journey which we will accumulate to create a lovely representation of the project to what Sparks are ignited during the process with our Bright & Dazzling Sparks.

This project has been funded by Roscommon County Council under the Creative Ireland/Arts programme.



“Ignite the Spark brings young and old together in Roscommon”